Accessibility Statement

ESPERION Therapeutics, Inc. is committed to providing a seamless experience on our website for all individuals.  We are continually working to improve the accessibility and usability of our website to enable all visitors to receive the information on the site, regardless of differences in ability.

What We Mean By Accessibility

Accessibility means that anyone browsing our site, including those individuals who are differently abled, can readily access the content on the website by using functionality embedded in it. We aim to adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) to the extent possible. For example, we:

  1. Provide content that can be magnified using standard browser controls
  2. Generally accompany images and graphs with short written summaries or descriptions of the information captured in the image or graph
  3. Offer accompanying text where color differences are important to the information being presented (e.g., part of a bar graph) so that a visitor who has difficulty seeing colors or distinguishing between colors will be able to receive the information
  4. Refrain from the use of flashing or pulsating images to be respectful of visitors with neurological conditions
  5. Use icons that are simple, consistent, and easily understood.  Where we use an icon, we will generally also use a word to describe its function

Facilitating Access to Content on Our Website

Adjusting Font Size

If you find that the font size of the text on our webpage is too small for you to comfortably read the information presented, simply:

Adjusting Contrast

Contrast means the ability to easily distinguish between foreground and background.  Depending on the browser you are using to access our website, you may be able to make the contrast sharper between the text color and the background of the webpage.

For example, if using Edge:

Other browsers, like Safari and Chrome, have accessibility options that you can easily locate from the browser’s “Settings” tab.

Contact Us

If you are having trouble accessing information on our site, please contact us at  We are happy to help and will reach out to assist you.


We use the following reference to help us identify reasonable functionality to implement on our site:

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